Gold and Silver are the only assets that, once purchased, are completely in your control and power. Once you take possession of gold and silver, you no longer have a middleman attempting to, or able to take the value of your asset from you.

Stocks, bonds, and even cash are really under the control of Central banks and financial institutions that can and do play with the value and worth of these assets at will. History shows multiple examples of market manipulations and illegal acts that have led to the destruction of wealth overnight.  Once in your possession, they are out of the system and cannot be taken by manipulation of the paper networks or bank actions. Gold and silver cannot be watered down in value, like money, by a Central Bank that can print money without limits and are immune from political demands to inflate the money and thus secretly steal your wealth. 

Gold and silver are your shields of protection in troubled times when politicians look to take stored wealth through taxation and inflation.

Currency is not the same as money. Currency is cash and is a mere paper issued by governments, based on pure faith in its value. There is no value on this coin other than the value given to it by the psychological belief that it is worth what is printed on it.

Money is something that has real intrinsic value. Money is something that does not need the FIAT or the declaration that it has value. Money has value because civilization has considered it valuable in itself.

1. It is the element of value that humanity has naturally adopted for more than 5,000 years.

2. Investment gold is exempt from paying VAT as long as it is physical gold, ie bullion and coins.

3. It is not devaluable by any government.

4. Physical gold has been the best vehicle for preserving value and maintaining heritage over time.

5. In situations of instability and uncertainty, gold is a good refuge for our heritage.

6. If bought in good times, it can cover bad times. In times of economic recession the difference can be made by the gold that we have accumulated in good times.

7. It can be converted back to money anywhere in the world in any currency. It has immediate liquidity and we will always have a buyer, it does not depend on the markets.

8. It can serve as a complement to the pension plan or an alternative to it.

9. You can start investing in gold from less than 50 euros (a bullion of 1 gram of weight).

10. As a gift, it is original, elegant, different.

Famous Hedge Fund leader Ray Dalio has recently stated that there is a paradigm shift taking place in investment markets that are making investments in stocks and financial instruments reckless to preserve wealth.

All banks must have a reserve of foreign exchange on hand for withdrawals. The Federal Reserve sets that reserve limit. If a bank reserve limit is set at 10 percent, for example, you are allowed to lend 90 percent of your deposits. Banks don’t actually lend the currency in their accounts, they create new fiat dollars out of thin air and lend them. That is to say. They borrow money to pay customers.

If you deposit $ 1000 in the bank, you can create $ 900 of new credit by making a book entry. Then lend this money created with interest. This is repeated every time a deposit is made.